What is the South Alabama crop season like?

In the late afternoon, as the air cools, a few dozen Southern farmers walk into the barns of their trailers in a sprawling cluster.

They all have been here since the fall, picking up a crop that typically takes about a week.

For many, this is their fourth year.

The season has been one of relative ease, with no major snowfalls, no water shortages, and a mild spring.

In some places, farmers are picking their crops with shovels and sledgehammers.

Others have taken to hand-loading their equipment onto trucks and trailers.

The Southern Agriculture Council, a group of farmers and ranchers, is running a campaign to convince farmers to harvest a little less.

In their newsletter, the SAC warns that a few farmers have already fallen victim to what they call “the new winter drought.”

The group is asking farmers to “please take care of the plants.”

The Southern agriculture council is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to make sure that the season does not go out of control.

The SAC, a non-profit, has been trying to convince farm families to harvest their crops for years.

Last year, the group launched a program called South Alabama Crops and Growers Association, or SAC-GA.

The group has received about $3 million in federal support to help farmers get the harvest right.

The crop is known as cotton, and it is a big crop in the state.

But this year, there is a new wrinkle to the harvest.

This year, farmers will be able to plant a crop of their choosing, with a new name.

“You don’t want to have a bunch of cotton plants in the barn,” said Doug Smith, a SAC board member.

“There’s a lot of confusion about it.

We’re trying to put out some of the confusion.”

Smith said that the name is “Southern cotton,” and that he has been using it since the group started.

It will be available in stores throughout the state beginning Tuesday.

SAC is offering a cash prize to anyone who can identify the crop.

“It’s a big change for us,” said Rob Gorman, the farm’s vice president.

“We have never really had anything that big in the past.

This is something we’ve never had.”

Gorman said he is trying to keep the new name a little longer.

It’s also an opportunity for the farmers to sell the crops that they harvest.

“I don’t think we’ve had a lot, maybe six, seven, eight months of being able to sell those,” Gorman told ABC News.

He said it is important for farmers to get some of their crops back.

“They’ve been out of a job, and they’re not able to take care for their animals, their horses, their chickens,” he said.

“So this is an opportunity to have some of those, to bring back some of that income.”

The SAGA has partnered with local farmers to help get the word out.

One of the groups that has been working to get the crop named was the Gulf Coast Cotton Alliance.

Its members have been trying for several years to get “Southern Cotton” to be listed on the market.

The association’s executive director, Bob Gorman of Dothan, is trying his best to get that done.

He is also working with farmers to try and sell off the crops they already have, to sell them as new ones.

“If it doesn’t sell, then we’ve got some cotton,” Goryan said.

The new name will be one of the more popular names for cotton, he said, because it will bring back a lot more cash.

The other group working to help identify the crops is the Southern Cotton Partnership.

The nonprofit group was started in 2001 by the family of a prominent Southerner who served in the Civil War.

It is an organization that has since grown to more than 500 members, and is now the biggest member of the Southern agriculture coalition.

The alliance has been sending out letters to members to get them to get on the list, to show their interest in the crop, and to say that they want to participate.

The name Southern cotton has been a favorite of the alliance, said John Johnson, its president.

But the coalition has been getting pushback from the agribusiness community, he added.

“The agribushropping industry has not been too happy about it,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that in the years before the Southern Agriculture Coalition, there was a lot less interest in this crop, as there was with cotton.

“When I was a kid, I would say, ‘You know, cotton is the new cotton,’ and they would say it was cotton.

Now it’s cotton and it’s all the agri-business guys talking about it.”

Johnson said the coalition is not trying to sell cotton right now.

The coalition has sent out a few letters to farmers, but it is not going to be doing that this

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