‘Agricultural revolution’ impacts Israel’s agribusiness, agricultural industries

Agricultural revolution is still in full swing in Israel, with the country’s agricultural industries struggling to survive the economic impact of the agro-industrialization of the past several decades.

But as agricultural industries face increased competition, some farmers and agribiosecurity officials say the impact of industrialization is already taking a toll on the country. 

The agricultural revolution has had a profound effect on the agricultural industry.

It is a process that is in the process of transforming the entire sector and it is very different from any other sector, said Dr. Dov Katz, who is currently the director of the Israeli Agricultural Research Institute and director of Agroforestry Israel.

The process of industrializing has also created an enormous number of new opportunities.

The agricultural sector is still very much the sector that had been established as a small one, Katz said.

The agri-industry has a lot of growth potential, Katz noted.

But the new opportunities have come at a time when the agricultural sector has already become very big, and it can no longer compete with the large agribushop companies.

“There is a lot that is changing in the agricultural landscape, which makes it very difficult to make a competitive decision,” Katz said, noting that he does not know the full extent of the economic and political impact of this process.

Katz noted that the new industries in Israel are very dependent on the Israeli agribustracy sector, which depends on the support of the government and the private sector.

“The agriindustrialization is also very dependent upon the private agricultural sector.

So it is difficult for the agribis to see the extent of that dependence.

It means that the private companies, who have to pay for the support for the agricultural sectors, do not pay as much for the protection of the agricultural environment,” Katz told The Jerusalem Times.

Katz also expressed concern that the changes that have taken place in Israel’s agricultural industry could also affect other sectors.

“The agribos are very much in the driver’s seat.

The government supports them, but they have to maintain the status quo,” he said.

Katz believes that the government’s decision to allow large agri companies to take over the countrys agrochemical industry, which he said was already under pressure, could have an impact on other sectors in the future.

Agriculture, which has been one of the biggest agricultural industries in the world for decades, has been the backbone of the country since its establishment.

The country has been growing at a rate of over 12 percent per year for the last five years.

Since 2009, Israel’s annual agricultural production has more than doubled, reaching over 5 million metric tons.

The number of people employed in the agri industry has risen from approximately 10 million in 2013 to over 16 million today, according to the countrydata.org.

Israel also exported a great deal of agricultural products, with exports to China growing by about 2.5 percent per annum between 2014 and 2019.

Israeli agrochemicals are used for everything from fertilizer to pharmaceuticals, and the country is considered one of China’s top agricultural exporters.

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