How to avoid a job that requires you to be a slave to the system

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) released its first-ever “National Human Trafficking Strategy.”

It outlined a wide-ranging plan to help address the problem.

It called for: • An increased focus on data collection and awareness.

• A new, comprehensive plan to track human trafficking across all sectors of the economy, and ensure the most vulnerable among us are included.

• A new approach to training workers on the job and how to report to the government.• A review of the way that law enforcement and the government enforce labor laws and policies.• The development of a national database of human trafficking victims.

It’s not a perfect plan, but it’s an encouraging start.

And while it’s a long way from getting all of these things done, it’s clear that our nation’s economic and political system is designed to ensure that the majority of Americans can’t get a fair shot at a decent job.

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