Illington Farms, a new agro-ecological enterprise, is a big deal

Agri-businesses have long been a part of the agri-food industry, but in recent years they have been increasingly being recognized as a key driver of the food supply chain, as well as a critical driver of climate change.

Now, as food prices continue to rise and farmers are facing a growing number of unexpected financial challenges, we’ve been left wondering whether the industry’s reliance on large-scale agribusinesses could be a threat to the food system in Brazil.

And with the arrival of Illingtons farm in the city of São Paulo, we are about to find out.

Illingtons farm will be the first farm in Brazil that will operate in a sustainable way.

It is a huge win for IllingTON, the Brazilian agricultural company founded in 2005 by Brazilian entrepreneur, Jair Bolívar.

ILLINGTON will be working with local farmers in a rural community near the town of Mato Grosso do Sul, a city in the southern Amazon basin that is home to over 50,000 people.

Illings farm will take advantage of the area’s vast water resources, which are among the most water-intensive in the country.

The first Illingtn farm in a Brazilian agricultural area will not only help feed the local people but also help the global food supply system, as the region is currently experiencing a devastating drought.

According to an analysis by the Brazilian Institute for Sustainable Development, Brazil is one of the most drought-prone regions in the world, and the area around Mato is the most affected by the drought, with water supplies being cut off to nearly 50 percent of the population.

Illingtons new farm will provide an opportunity to help feed a larger population, which could in turn be a boon for farmers in the area, as more water is diverted to growing crops.

The Illingtion will be using a combination of traditional and sustainable techniques.

In addition to using sustainable farming techniques, the farm will also be able to make use of the region’s aquifers.

Although the aquifines are a critical source of water for the region, the region has been suffering from a significant increase in salinity due to deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels, which is causing the aquifer to run dry.

Brazil has been struggling to restore the aquifiers for years.

“Illington’s farm will give the local community the opportunity to experience an ecologically sustainable farming system for which we are very proud,” said Illingson CEO, Rodrigo Almeida.

“Our mission is to help the Brazilian people to grow and prosper in the Amazon.”

With the farm opening in January 2019, Illingons farm will have a presence in the entire São Paulo region, and it will also allow the company to expand its operations to other parts of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, where Illingmans farm is located.

While the Illingtions farm is a new venture, the company is already planning to build a larger farm in São Cristóbal de São Francisco, a region with a high population density.

This will allow Illingts farm to expand in Brazil and across the globe.

Ilsons farm, which will be located near a lake, will also provide an important link between Brazil and the rest of the world.

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