What you need to know about the Aussie cattle industry

The Australian beef industry is one of the most profitable in the world, but what happens to the animals who go to work on the farms and produce the beef that goes into our meals?

What we know for sure is that there are some cattle who are born and bred to be farmers and they are bred to produce a particular product.

These are the cattle that are produced on the Adelaide Cattle Show (ACS).

There are some other breeds of cattle bred specifically to produce beef, but only those that have undergone some significant genetic engineering.

These cattle are bred by breeders and are called “Aussie cattle”.

These cattle have been bred for a particular function and have to produce some of the best beef in the industry.

There are around 1,000 Aussie Cattle producers in the country.

The cattle produced in Australia have a special heritage that can’t be replicated elsewhere in the Western world.

Some of these breeds are considered “domesticated” because they were not originally domesticated, meaning they have been genetically modified.

This is a special breed of cattle called the Australian bull terrier.

Its the most expensive breed of bull in the cattle industry and its one of a number of breeds that have been used to produce Australian beef.

It is a breed that is used to create premium beef.

In the first half of the 20th century, Aussie bulls were produced to be used as pets.

The breed is called “bantam” and its used for breeding cattle.

It can be found on farms all over Australia and the Aussies have had the most success producing this breed in Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

The Australian bull is not the only breed of Australian cattle to produce high quality beef in Australia.

Other Australian cattle breeds have a different genetic makeup and are bred for different purposes.

There is also the Australian hound and the “maggot”.

These two breeds of Australian hounds are bred specifically for working out on the farm.

They produce a special type of beef that is produced by the maggots of Australian sheep.

These maggot breeds are used for working the land and to provide milk for cattle.

They are also used to make the milk for the milkman.

There also is the Australian sheep dog, the “poodle” and the Australian beef cattle breed, the Bentleigh.

These breeds are all bred for working hard and for producing premium beef products.

The Aussie cattle industry is worth $18 billion dollars, which is about 2.6 per cent of the Australian economy.

The industry produces about 6,000 tonnes of beef a year.

This number includes the AUS-made cattle, as well as the domestic cattle that have come from other countries.

But this industry is not just about cattle.

The animals that go to the AUSSies farms are also raised in conditions that are far from ideal.

They also have to be fed well and have access to pasture and water.

The cows are kept in cramped conditions, with no sunshine or water.

They can only go about 2 kilometres from where they are raised, and they have to walk to where they graze, which means they are farmed in an environment that is unsuitable for many other animals.

The calves that go on to the farms are not allowed to have much contact with the outside world, which makes it extremely difficult for them to adapt to their surroundings.

It also means that the calves that are born in the Aus are not able to develop their natural immunity to disease and predators.

This means that they can be vulnerable to diseases such as brucellosis, which can make them more susceptible to other diseases, such as leptospirosis, which causes vomiting and diarrhea.

As a result, the Auses calves are often in very poor health and have been known to develop severe malnutrition.

The conditions that these cattle are raised in also make them susceptible to disease, which has led to some calves developing liver problems and other illnesses.

Aussie cows are also bred for work, but they can produce far more meat than other cattle breeds.

They will produce around 40,000 kilograms of beef each year, and this number will only increase as the industry matures.

The production of Aussi cattle is not only about cattle, but it is also a vital part of the local economy.

It employs approximately 8,000 people, including the owners of the AUSTRALIA Cattle show.

The annual average production for the cattle is about 100,000kg of beef.

Aussi Cattle are exported to the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

They do this by taking the beef to American farms, which are then sold in Australia and elsewhere.

The export of Australian Aussis cattle is very profitable for the Australian Cattle industry.

The average annual profit for the AUSE industry is about $30 million dollars.

Australia is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), but the Ause industry is still relatively small in comparison.

The number of cattle that Australia exports

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