What’s going on in California with the California Agricultural Pollution Control District?

By Brian RossThe Associated PressThe Associated Health and Science Technicians Association says it’s been a busy week for the California agriculture checkpoint system.

The state has been shut down for more than a week as the Environmental Protection Agency evaluates an environmental impact statement and approves its implementation.

But that process is not over, according to a spokesman for Gov.

Gavin Newsom.

It will be up to the EPA to finalize the impact statement by March 5, said spokesman Jason McLeod.

The agency has until March 6 to send its findings to the governor, and then it can issue a final environmental impact report, which will take at least a year to complete.

California agriculture checkpoints are part of a state law that requires agricultural operations to submit to federal inspection.

Those inspections are meant to ensure the safety of agricultural operations.

On Friday, the EPA released a report that found that environmental concerns over emissions from the California checkpoint system are warranted, although the agency does not have a specific timeline for when the agency will finalize its assessment.

McLeod said the agency is currently evaluating the impact of the checkpoints on agricultural operations and that the agency may consider other steps to implement its report.

The EPA’s final environmental assessment is expected to be completed in about a year.

The agency’s environmental review is meant to assess the safety and quality of the products being shipped to farmers, McLeod said.

It’s not a complete environmental assessment.

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