CME agri-businesses report highest profit margins for the third year in a row, but not enough for them to meet food security needs

The American Farm Bureau Federation and the National CME Association reported a profit margin of 54.9 percent and 50.2 percent, respectively, in their annual conference calls, which are the third consecutive year that the two organizations have met.

“The industry continues to experience significant volatility in the food supply chain,” said David C. Miller, executive director of the National Farm Bureau.

“The food supply has become increasingly unpredictable and unpredictable for farmers.

The CMEs conference call is a vital opportunity to assess how the industry is doing relative to the national outlook and to provide a better outlook for our industry’s future.

The American public is not yet ready for a major food crisis, but the CME conference call provides an important opportunity to gauge the industry’s position and how it can help us prepare for the crisis.”

The farm bureau reported a 13.9% profit margin in the first half of 2017, while the National Association of CME Commissions reported a 14.3% profit margins in its annual report last month.

The American Farm Center reported a 25.9%-25.7% profit gap for the year, compared to the industry average of 24.7%.

The American CME Council reported a 21.9-20.6% profit deficit.

According to the farm bureau, the biggest increase in the industry occurred during the first quarter of 2018.

The farm bureau’s latest data showed a 19.2% profit gain in the year ending March 31, compared with a 19% gain for the industry as a whole in the same quarter last year.

The CSEs annual conference call will be held Thursday, May 17, at 6 p.m.

Eastern time.

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