How to Choose the Best Agribusiness For Your State

A new state law that could change the face of agribusys in the country is expected to be approved on Tuesday.

The bill, introduced by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., would create a federal program to help states compete for more agricultural subsidies.

The bill’s primary objective would be to reduce the amount of agricultural land that goes unused by state agribuses.

The USDA currently receives approximately $2.5 billion in farm subsidies each year, according to the Department of Agriculture.

If the bill is approved, states could see an additional $1.6 billion.

The money would be used to help farmers transition to more sustainable production methods and reduce waste.

“We need to work together with the states to create an efficient, competitive program that provides state agri-businesses with incentives to innovate and invest in their operations, while keeping their state agronomic system competitive,” Vitter said in a statement.

“By creating an integrated agri market, we will be able to ensure that agribuculture is at the forefront of the nation’s agricultural research and development, and that our farmers will continue to be able access the resources that are necessary to produce and sell high-quality food.”

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