India to get green palm plantations as soon as possible

India will soon be the first country to get 100 per cent green palm production from a single plantation, according to the Government of India.

The Minister for Rural Development, Manish Tewari, said on Thursday the Government has started the process of implementing a pilot project in Kakinada district in the state of Maharashtra to produce 100 per cwt of green palm and 2,000 kg of edible palm oils per hectare.

This is the first time that green palm has been grown from a plantation, he said.

According to Mr Tewaris ministry, the farmers in the district have been getting the green palm from a local plantation and have been using the plantations as they are small and easy to set up.

Mr Tewaria said that farmers would get to have the opportunity to grow the plants they want in the area and that the local community would be involved in the plantation.

He said the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Climate Change will also set up an organisation to manage the plantation, as it would be easier for farmers to grow green palm in their fields.

“In a very short time we will get 100pc of the land area green palm on our farms,” he said, adding that farmers could start the process on Monday.

“This will be the biggest achievement in India and the world.

I will soon announce the name of the project in the national Assembly,” Mr Tewsari said.

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