Scientists test link between pesticides and cancer risk

A new study finds a link between the chemical pesticide DDT and a greater risk of developing lung cancer, the first of its kind to show a direct link.

The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found that people exposed to DDT had a 50% increased risk of lung cancer.

Researchers found that in people who lived in cities, exposure to DDTRD increased the risk of the disease by 40% compared to people living in rural areas.

The researchers also found that the chemicals increased lung cancer risk in women more than men.

The researchers are not yet sure if the link is causal or simply a result of the increased risk in men, but they are hopeful it could help explain some of the higher rates of lung cancers in men who have never been exposed to these chemicals.

Dirty Dioxins, Part 2 The EPA has long called for an end to the use of DDT, but the EPA has also proposed a range of other alternatives to the pesticide.

The agency has said the EPA will continue to review the data in order to make sure it has the best information available to determine the best approach for addressing global health threats.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has said he wants the EPA to continue to use DDT until there is no longer any concern for its health impacts.

He also has suggested that people in areas where DDT has been phased out should be given access to alternative sources of energy.

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