Which is better for our planet: rice or vegetables?

The new report, which surveyed more than 200 people, found that people who ate rice had higher levels of Vitamin D, a good source of vitamin A, and more omega-3 fatty acids.

They also ate more vegetables, and their vitamin D levels were higher than those of those who ate meat and fish.

But the researchers noted that some people with low levels of vitamin D were more likely to have higher levels in vegetables and meat, and were therefore more likely, on average, to have low vitamin D intakes.

But there was no link between these factors and whether or not people ate more or less rice or meat.

The report also found that rice consumption was associated with lower risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease, but not type 2 diabetes.

But if you think about it, that’s probably because rice is not a good option for vegans.

Rice contains a number of plant-derived compounds, such as stearic acid and lauric acid, which may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

But it is also highly processed, and it may contain other potentially harmful compounds.

People with vitamin D deficiencies, on the other hand, tend to eat more grains, which have more complex carbohydrates.

People who eat less rice are less likely to get vitamin D from their diet, which in turn may be linked to vitamin D deficiency.

So, there’s a whole lot more to the issue.

But that’s the way it goes.

“The good news is that we can get a lot of vitamin C from food, which is very good for us,” said Dr. Richard Heaney, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School who has done research on vitamin C. Heaney is a vocal proponent of eating a lot more vegetables and less rice.

“If you’re going to eat a lot less rice and a lot fewer vegetables, then it’s not the best choice,” he said.

But rice has been shown to be a good choice for veg eaters.

In fact, a recent study in The Lancet found that if people with a low vitamin C intake were offered a diet that included rice, they would get more vitamin C than if they were offered the same diet without rice.

In a 2015 study, the National Institute of Health found that women with a high vitamin C status were more than twice as likely as women with low vitamin K to get a high fracture risk when they stopped eating grains.

People often think of vitamin K as a vitamin that’s good for the body, but it’s actually a very important vitamin.

It helps keep your bones strong, prevents the formation of cancerous tumors, and also protects against some of the diseases and conditions that people with vitamin K have.

So the vitamin K is very important.

But because it’s also important in other ways, it can also be beneficial for people who have a low Vitamin D status.

And because people with high vitamin K levels tend to have a higher bone density, their vitamin K also helps them maintain bone health and keep their bones strong.

There’s also a link between low vitamin E and a higher risk of certain cancers.

And, again, rice is a very good option.

“I think it’s very well known that you can get more calcium from the rice,” said Paul Ehrlich, a researcher who studies vitamin C, vitamin K and the effects of diet and stress on health at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“And if you eat rice, you get more of it, so it’s a good thing.”

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.

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