Which teams have the most successful foreign-owned players in football?

Soccer is booming in China, with clubs like Shanghai SIPG, Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shenhua playing in the Premier League and Champions League.

The numbers tell a similar story.

The country has the second-highest number of foreign-born players in the world behind Brazil, and a significant number of those players are on Chinese teams.

However, while most clubs are owned by Chinese citizens, a few are owned and managed by foreigners.

Below is a list of 10 teams with the most foreign-owning players.

Some clubs are already owned by foreigners, while others are just looking for the right people to work for them.

Some are owned, managed and operated by Chinese people, while some are owned privately.

The list is by no means comprehensive.

We are looking at clubs that are still working with their Chinese owners, while also looking at overseas clubs that have a chance of breaking into the Chinese top flight.

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Shanghai Sipg Shanghai Sipper Shanghai Sipping SIPg is the oldest Chinese team in the domestic Premier League, and it is owned by a group of Chinese people who have lived in Hong Kong for the last few years.

The club’s owners are Wang Cheng, Wang Zhixiang and Zhou Hengshan.

Their goal is to develop the team’s identity, while at the same time keeping the club competitive.

The team has struggled this season, and has been knocked out of the Premier Championship by Tottenham Hotspur.

Wang Cheng is not afraid to be outspoken and critical of the current state of the team, saying in March: “I think it’s time we put our money where our mouth is and give it to the right person”.

SIP is in seventh place, with the club currently sitting in the relegation zone with just two points from its last four games.


Guangzhou Premier League Guangzhou-based Premier League side Guangzhou Foshan, which has a history of success in China and has the fifth-highest ratio of foreign owners in the country, is a club that is looking to break into the top flight in China.

The owners of the club are Guo Jingwei and Wang Guo.

Both of them have worked at the club for the past few years, and both are well-known for their positive approach to the business.

Wang Guoguang said in June: “We have a great history with the Foshans, and we want to do well in the Chinese league.”

Guangzhou is currently ninth in the table with 17 points, while Guangzhou Shenhua is third, with 11 points.


Shanghai Shenzhen Shanghai Shenzhou Shenzhen Shenzhen is another Chinese-owned club.

The name is a play on the Chinese word “shenzhen”, and the team has been around since 2007.

The Chinese word for “satellite”, Shenzhen, has also been used in other sports, such as basketball.

Shenzhen has also enjoyed a strong season in the FPL, having played in the first two rounds of the season.

Shenzhou’s owner Wang Guoyuang recently said: “It’s important to take the Chinese dream seriously.

Our objective is to compete in the top league, which we are aiming to achieve in the coming years.”

Shenzhen finished in ninth place last season, finishing third in the league table.


Shanghai Foshas Shanghai Foto Shanghai Fotos Foshana Foshantas is owned and run by Wang Zhenyu and Zhou Jianzhong.

They are two of the most prominent Chinese businessmen in the industry, with a fortune estimated at more than $3.2 billion.

Wang Zengxiang and Wang Jianzhou have also played a significant role in helping Shanghai Foton achieve success in the last decade, with Foto Sifeng in particular enjoying an impressive run to the top of the table last season.

Wang Jianzhi also said: ‘The Foshancan are a successful team that we work together on, and they are very loyal to each other.’


Shenyang SIPL Shenyang Soccer Shenyang is a Shanghai-based club that has been in the Shanghai FPL since 2015.

Shen Yang has recently won promotion from the Shanghai Premier League to the Shanghai Shenzen Premier League in the past two seasons, and is currently sitting second in the division.

ShenYang’s manager is Wang Jingwei, who is also a member of the Foto Foshanu, and the club’s other key player is Zhang Xiaojun, who has made a name for himself in the club with his impressive goal scoring record.

ShenYan is currently in fifth place in the group, with 12 points from seven games.

They face Shanghai Shenjing in the next round of the competition.


Shanghai FC Shanghai FC is a Chinese team that is owned partly by Guo, and partly by Wang.

Guo is an avid football fan,

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