Why Texas farmers can’t afford to buy soybeans

Texas farmers, including farmers of soybeans, have been able to purchase the crop because of a provision of the U.S. Agriculture Department that allows the crop to be exempt from federal regulations.

However, many are unable to afford to purchase soybeans because of the state’s drought and a lack of corn and cotton crops to replace them.

“It’s not a good situation,” said Mark Whelan, executive director of the Texas Farm Bureau, an agricultural trade group.

“You have to have enough money in your budget to buy everything you need to get through the year.”

While corn and soybeans are the main crops in Texas, Texas farmers also are buying a variety of crops like peanuts, rice, corn and wheat.

The Agriculture Department has estimated that Texas farmers will have to buy approximately $6 billion worth of corn, soybeans and cotton for this year.

Texas farmers have been using the soybeans to feed their livestock for years, but in recent years, they’ve been unable to sell those products because of drought and other factors.

A shortage of corn to replace corn and rice in Texas prompted the Agriculture Department in June to stop issuing new permits for Texas farmers to buy and sell soybeans.

That policy has led to a shortage of supplies for Texas farms, which has resulted in a sharp drop in sales.

The number of soybean growers in Texas has been on the rise in recent decades, as soybeans have been grown by farmers in the state since the 1970s.

But in recent months, a surge in soybean sales has led many farmers to consider switching to corn and other crops.

The state has more than 7.6 million acres of soyabean farmland.

But some farmers who purchased soybeans during the drought years are unable or unwilling to sell their soybeans for the simple reason they cannot afford the additional costs of buying corn and the cotton that the crops need to replace.

“When we sell our soybeans it’s a no-brainer,” said Dave Kieffer, executive vice president of the Houston-based farm group Farmers Market Association.

“We have corn, we have rice, we are able to replace it with soybeans.”

The Texas Farm Bank has said that the soybean exemption has not prevented many farmers from buying corn or rice.

In addition, the bank said that corn and Rice growers are now getting a larger amount of soy beans than before the drought.

The farm bank has said many farmers are also using the corn and corn products to feed livestock, but it is not clear whether soybeans will be the main crop for many.

A survey conducted by the Agriculture and Texas State Departments showed that the share of corn sold to farm groups was up by nearly a third from last year.

“I have been farming corn for 40 years and I know the cost of corn is not as great as it was last year,” said Rick McBride, a Texas farmer and president of Houston’s Farmers Market Alliance.

“The soybean will help us out.”

Kieffer said that he will not buy corn for the crop and Rice for the other crops, saying that they are not in his price range.

But many farmers who purchase corn and are not willing to sell soy beans for the time being are trying to buy the corn instead.

In an interview with the Texas Tribune, David Pomeroy, president of Pomeroys Soybean Growers Association, said that soybeans “will be a big boost” to his company’s business.

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