A new crop of agricultural jobs could be a boon to Ontario

Agriculture is a key sector in the province’s economy, with the Canadian Wheat Board leading the way.

Now a new crop, the “pulsating” corn, is gaining traction as an alternative crop to conventional wheat.

The wheat industry has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to government support.

Last year, the Wheat Board recorded an annual increase in sales of more than $1.5 billion.

The new crop has been touted as the “next wave of corn”, and one that will create more than 700 jobs across Ontario.

The province has been looking for ways to attract a growing industry, especially with the potential for a $1-billion harvest in the next couple of years.

But there are concerns about how the corn could compete with wheat, which has been a staple crop for decades.

The corn is also grown in the United States and China, where it is grown for biofuels.

That could pose a challenge for Ontario farmers.

Ontario’s Agriculture Minister, David Shiner, said the new crop could create a “significant amount of jobs” and “great growth opportunities” for the province.

He added that the corn would likely be sold in Canadian supermarkets, rather than directly to consumers.

“The whole idea is to provide an economic opportunity for the farmers in Ontario and help to develop our economy,” he said.

The province is expected to make a decision on the crop by the end of this month.

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