How to save money on beef imports

Agriculture specialist Jason Gullin has some advice for Canadians heading into the season of beef imports: Save money.

“We’ve had a few farmers who are struggling with prices for their products,” he said.

“It’s a lot of pressure, so I think it’s good to be prepared for that.”

Gulliin, who’s based in Vancouver, said he’s been a beef producer for 15 years and has been doing this for about three years.

“A lot of times the prices for the products they sell are really high, and I have to go back to them,” he explained.

“I always tell my staff, ‘Don’t be scared to sell something, it’s a good deal.'”

Gullan said it can be a tough time for farmers.

“The pressure is always there, it just takes time to get used to it,” he noted.

“So, I just keep on selling my products and it keeps on going.”

Gollin, a former beef producer in Victoria, said the current situation with beef imports has been challenging for producers.

“There’s no real data, there’s no research, there are no government statistics on what’s happening, so it’s really hard to get a sense of how much of the price difference is coming from domestic producers, and what’s actually happening domestically,” he added.

“With so many factors going on, it really is hard to know.”

He said it’s critical that producers keep an eye on how their products are selling in their market, especially in areas with high volumes of beef.

“You can get to a point where it becomes very, very expensive to buy beef, and then you’ve got to have an emergency fund,” he stressed.

Gullis advice to consumers is simple: Buy locally.

“Buy beef locally, and if it’s not local, that means you’re going to pay the highest price.

“If you can’t afford to buy locally, go buy local.” “

When you have an expensive product, you need to have some alternative,” he advised.

“If you can’t afford to buy locally, go buy local.”

Gullin also noted that, if you do decide to buy from a local supplier, he recommended that you get a list of prices.

“Don’t pay more than what you can afford to pay,” he urged.

“Pay what you want to pay.

Don’t overpay.

If you’re paying more than you can pay, you’re not going to make a profit.”

In the meantime, Gullins advice for farmers and ranchers is simple.

“In a lot and most cases, if the farmer is not buying locally, you have to make sure you are buying locally,” he suggested.

“And then if you have a really high demand for your product, then you should look at the price of the product.”

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