Iowa lawmakers vote to ban imports of beef, pork

Iowa legislators voted Thursday to ban beef, poultry and pork imports from China, the U.S. and other countries.

The move follows Trump’s threat to withhold visas from countries that do not enforce the U .

S. travel ban.

Trump issued his travel ban last month after a federal judge in Hawaii blocked the executive order.

The vote Thursday came after lawmakers had been working to pass the legislation in recent weeks.

They voted to send the bill to the state’s governor, as the state attorney general has requested.

Senate Minority Leader Scott Dibble (D-Grand Rapids) said he voted against the bill, which would have made Iowa the first state in the country to ban meat, dairy and eggs from China.

He said Iowa has more import restrictions than any other state in America and said the measure would do little to stop the country’s imports of the agricultural commodities that feed the U ers.

He called the bill a “waste of time.”

Dibble, however, argued that Iowa would benefit from exporting agricultural products, and the state already has more than 1,400 farms that produce the agricultural products.

“It’s time to stop this pointless, pointless effort to stop Chinese imports,” Dibble said.

The Senate voted 98-1 to pass Iowa’s measure, which will go to Gov.

Kim Reynolds for her signature.

The measure will become law on March 17, 2019.

The Iowa Legislature’s decision comes as President Donald Trump threatens to withhold federal visas for the country that hosts more than one-quarter of the world’s illegal wildlife trade.

Trump’s move came just weeks after the president threatened to withhold U. s green cards from people in China.

His comments sparked a backlash in the Chinese capital, where Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to fight the U s travel ban, saying it violates the principles of “one country, two systems.”

A senior White House official said Trump will not seek to impose tariffs on Chinese goods.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision is not yet public.

The State Department last week said China’s exports of pork, beef and poultry are worth more than $1.8 billion annually.

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