‘It’s the difference between being able to walk in a mall and walking around the world’: The rise of precision agriculture

With more and more consumers wanting to buy more products online and in stores, the next step for a farm is to ensure they’re using the right technology.

But what exactly is the difference?

For the vast majority of farmers, the answer lies in the technology that goes into making the product.

“In the agricultural industry, you have a number of different technologies, from genetics to chemical processing to chemical synthesis, and all of those are combined to create the final product,” says Dave Bouchard, CEO of the UK’s Agri-techs, which specialises in precision agriculture.

But now we have a very, very different focus on quality.” “

If you go back to what we did in the past, it was all about purity, you know.

But now we have a very, very different focus on quality.”

That focus, in turn, has brought about the rise of a new breed of precision farming, which has been gaining momentum in recent years.

While farmers use a variety of technology to make their food, it’s all about quality, says Bouchar.

The key to making a product that looks like it has been treated with high-quality, environmentally sustainable practices is to have a team of people who understand the technology and are focused on the right people, Bouchaard says.

In addition to that, the focus of the industry is on sustainability.

Bouchas are also looking to develop better farming practices for a growing number of other products.

These include a range of products including meat, cheese, egg products, meat and dairy products, and even plastics.

“We’re all very conscious of how we’re using our environment,” Bouchiard says, “so we’re working on processes to make products that are going to be less polluting.”

“If we can put all the different ingredients and all the ingredients and the processes into a factory that’s got these very high standards, then that’s the next stage for the industry.”

For many farmers, there’s still a lot to learn about the technology, and what the best practices are for each product, says Andrew Peebles, director of agricultural technology at Peeble Farms.

Peebies, who is also a professor of agricultural and food technology at the University of Queensland, has spent the last three decades working on a range the industry needs to take on.

“There’s a lot of new technology that’s coming out,” he says.

“And it’s not just technology, it also means the science and the science-based information and the knowledge is coming out, which is really good.”

It’s this kind of information that has helped to make precision agriculture the dominant agricultural technology, he says, and is leading to improvements in the quality of the product as well as a better understanding of what’s going on in the farm.

“It’s about getting more out of the technology so that we can have more products that people can enjoy.”

With this in mind, Peebees has created a special, customised product that’s being offered through the Australian Precision Food Group.

This product, called the ‘Pillar’ was developed specifically for precision agriculture, and Peebens aim is to make it the first step in this new era of precision, he explains.

“Our product has to be the best product that you can make in this environment,” Peebes says.

The Pillar features a patented process for milling food into a final product.

To make it, PEEBES employs a specially developed technique called “bio-refining” that uses enzymes and other enzymes to break down complex proteins to produce sugars, which then go into the final ingredient.

“The idea is that the process is so simple, you just need to use a very small amount of the raw material, and it’s that simple, that’s how it’s done,” he explains, adding that the finished product is about 98 per cent pure.

The final product is then sent to the lab, where it’s subjected to a number a stringent standards, including high quality microbiological tests, to ensure it’s free of contamination.

“That’s all done by a very good lab, so we can make sure it’s safe,” he adds.

The technology is so precise that it can make the difference to what a farmer is buying, says Peebs.

“So, we’re talking about about a product where the final piece of the pie is really, really important.”

Peebos products are available to farmers and retailers in the US, UK and Canada.

The company recently launched a series of videos, which highlight some of the key aspects of precision food farming.

“What you see in these videos is the first generation of products, the Pillar products,” Pees says.

These videos show how farmers are using the Pillar to ensure their products are of the highest quality, which includes the use

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