New Jersey approves agriculture license for steel buildings

NEW JERSEY — A state judge has approved a $5.5 billion steel building license for a New Jersey steel mill.


Chris Christie signed the new steel building permit Friday.

The approval means the building can be built in the Garden State.

The deal will also create the largest single industrial development in the state.

The building, which will be a 50,000-square-foot factory and warehouse, will be built near the Garden state line and will employ more than 100 people.

Christie says it will help the Garden City compete with other industrial centers.

The building will be located in a former auto parts factory that is now part of a larger manufacturing complex.

Christie’s office says the company will use the new facility to make other projects.

It is the first new steel facility built in New Jersey in more than two decades.

The governor said the $5 billion deal includes $1.3 billion in state incentives for the steel company, the state’s largest, and $1 billion in federal stimulus funds for the construction of the plant.

The state’s approval comes amid heightened political scrutiny of the New Jersey industry after a series of massive construction jobs lost to China and other nations.

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