Which is the best Australian farming degree?

Agricultural machinery, agricultural businesses degree (ACMEC) is the highest qualification for farmers and agri-businesses in Australia, and is the first agricultural qualification that students are required to have before completing the agriculture diploma.

It has been developed through an Australian Government initiative, the ACMEC Program, which is intended to give Australian farmers and agricultural businesses access to the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in Australia’s agribusiness sector.

The ACMEX (Australian Manufacturing Engineering) Certificate, which graduates up to 10 students, is available to all farmers and business owners, and allows them to train in a wide range of areas.

For the first time, ACMEM holders will be able to apply for the ACD program, which allows them the opportunity to further develop their skills in a range of fields including food, livestock and poultry production, and aquaculture.

The degree has been a staple in the Australian farming landscape for more than two decades.

With more than 200,000 ACMEG holders across the country, the degree is well-known in the industry, with more than 1,000 graduating each year.

With so many graduates, the requirement for ACMEMS students to train for their own degree and take on new roles in agriculture is a challenging one.

For those who have been in the business since they were young, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

“I feel that the ACME is an important tool in helping me achieve the goals I have set for myself,” says John Pyle, president of the Australian Federation of Agricultural Engineers (AFAE).

“With the recent launch of the ACMD program, I’m happy to be able take the opportunity, both in my own business and in my community, to develop my own career in agriculture.”

John says he has already had the opportunity and confidence to take on some new roles, and his goal is to grow his business into a multi-million dollar business, adding that he will continue to build on his experience and skills in agriculture.

“Having the opportunity of having my own company is really exciting,” he says.

“It’s also very important to have a business plan, which will be a key component in any business venture.”

The ACMGU is a collaborative effort between the Australian Agricultural Engineering Association (AAEA), the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), the Australia-United States Trade Association (ATU), and the Australian Institute of Technology.

“ACMEG students can work closely with one another and have a great experience in agriculture,” says AAEA secretary of trade, Paul Davenport.

“Our members will be looking forward to having their own company with a focus on food production and related fields.

ACMOG students will be making a real contribution to our national food security program, and we’re excited to see how their experience will benefit our agricultural industry.”

For more information on the ACMGUs work in Australia and in Australia as a whole, read our article on ACMMGUs in Australia.

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