Which is the worst country to be a vegetarian in?

A new study has put the United States in a tie for second place, with the top spot for the worst of all countries.

According to the Global Vegetarian Index, published by the World Vegetarian Organization, the United Kingdom comes in third place, and the United Arab Emirates comes in fourth.

The United States, which has a population of more than 9.3 billion people, is the world’s second-largest vegetarian nation, behind only the United Nations, according to the report.

The index measures three different categories of animals: humans, plants and animals.

The U.S. ranks in the top 10 for the first time, ahead of the United Republic of Tanzania, which comes in at number eight.

The U.K. also ranks in last place, trailing South Africa, which ranks at number nine.

The ranking of the top 15 countries is based on a combination of factors, including economic indicators, health and environment, education, food safety and environmental impact.

According the index, the country with the lowest score in each category is the United South Sudan, which is at number 50.

While the index does not assess the sustainability of the meat industry, the findings show that Americans have a difficult time eating meat.

The United States ranks No. 5 in terms of meat consumption, followed by France and Japan.

According a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, meat consumption in the U. S. has increased more than 60% over the past 30 years.

In the United states, the number of vegetarians increased by 7% in 2015, according the study, which found that the number who identified themselves as vegetarian or vegan doubled from 7.3 million to 10.6 million people.

According to the study’s author, John Schmitt, who specializes in nutrition and health, the increase is primarily due to increased availability of vegetarian food.

The number of Americans who say they have never considered veganism rose from 8% to 12% over this time, and more than 12% to 17%.

The survey found that people who have never had meat, or never considered it, are twice as likely to be vegan as those who have had meat.

The average vegetarian diet in the United STATES has more than quadrupled in the past 25 years.

The report also found that Americans are more likely to consider a vegetarian diet as a “flexible” way to meet their needs, than as a permanent lifestyle change.

“There’s a very large pool of people who are more flexible than the conventional vegetarian diet,” Schmitt said.

“It’s an important concept to realize that people are not necessarily vegetarian because of some health reason.

It’s an interesting way to think about it because a lot of people don’t consider themselves vegetarian because they feel uncomfortable with the animal welfare issue.”

In addition to the health benefits of vegetarianism, it is thought that it is good for the environment.

The report found that vegetarians contribute significantly to the global greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

According the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the U and U. K. have the highest levels of meat in the world.

The number of vegans in the country increased from 10.4 million in 2005 to 16.6 percent in 2015.

According an analysis by the National Meat Institute, the global meat industry has been responsible for more than 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gas pollution, which contributes to climate change.

The vegetarian diet can be difficult for people who don’t know much about the topic, but many are willing to try it out for themselves.

The meat industry also employs a variety of workers, including veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists and even teachers.

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that vegans start a vegetarian lifestyle to help reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

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