Farmers have taken aim at whiteford farmers

A group of farmers are calling for the Government to take a hard line on the issue of whiteford farming schools and caterers in an interview with the BBC. 

Whiteford farmers, like their counterparts in neighbouring Staffordshire, have been under pressure over the past year from the public to close whiteford schools.

The government has promised to close 100 of the state’s schools by 2020. 

But in an editorial published on Monday, the Farmer’s Union (FU) in Staffordshire said whiteford was not a priority in the area.

“Whiteford is not a primary concern in our local areas,” it said.

“There is a much bigger issue of school closures and other issues facing whiteford and its surrounding areas.”

The FU wants to see the Government take a tough line on this, to ensure that whiteford is prioritised in any future changes to school closures.” 

The newspaper also said the FU was calling on the Government not to be seen to be supporting whiteford’s farming community.”

We do not believe that the Government has any responsibility to protect whiteford or its farmers from the impact of closure,” the article said.

It said whitefords need to be protected from other industries and “they need to get the support they need to maintain their livelihood”. 

On Monday, Whiteford was also the subject of a national newspaper story in which the paper described its closure as a “political decision”. 

The paper said the decision to close the schools was a decision the FSU “believes has been made by local authorities, but that it believes has been influenced by political pressure and the perception of whitefers” in the town.”

This has created an atmosphere of fear, where people fear that if they leave, whiteford could lose its farms, its people and its schools,” the newspaper said. 

On the issue in Stafford, the newspaper described the FUSC’s call for the closure of the schools as a form of “trolling”.”

The farmers in Stafford have had to suffer under the burden of whitehead closures and there are people who have had their jobs. “

It’s a very difficult task.

The farmers in Stafford have had to suffer under the burden of whitehead closures and there are people who have had their jobs.

 “The fact that they have not been able to do that is a shame and they deserve to have their jobs back.”

The newspaper described Whiteford as “a community whose livelihoods depend on the quality of the food they produce”.

It also called for the removal of a whiteford council leader, David Rolfe, who was appointed by the Fusilier Union of Staffordshire (FUSA). 

The Whiteford Farmers’ Association has welcomed the move by the Farmer to speak out on whiteford.

David Stacey, the organisation’s chief executive, said the farmers were “extremely disappointed” with the decision.

He said: “There are a number of things that have gone wrong in whiteford over the last few years.

The community has been blighted by closures and they are very angry about the lack of action to tackle the problem of white-head closures.

“They feel that there is a lack of control in terms of who can and cannot close schools.

They have felt the effects of the closures for a long time.”

 Stacey said the community needed “more of a clear-cut, straight-forward, honest approach to school closure”.

He added: “We have been trying to get a clear message out there, through the Farmers’ Union, that the people of Stafford are concerned about the impact the closure has had on their lives.”

What has happened to whitefell is a very sad thing, but it has been a very honest and straightforward conversation that has been going on for some time now.

“Hopefully we will see that in the next few weeks.”

Whiteford has been facing a number closed schools since the start of the school year.

Last month, the council said it had shut 23 whitefells and 11 secondary schools. 

Earlier this year, the Government promised to cut the number of white fells and close the majority of schools.

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